Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Welcome to Conscious Parenting

Hi and welcome to Conscious Parenting. I am Schyler Mason, Professional Postpartum Doula and Certified Gottman Educator.

Conscious Parenting is what I teach both through my practice as a Doula as well as through Dr. John gottman's teachings, of raising and Emotionally Intelligent Child. Conscious Parenting is a method of parenting that promotes awareness and acknowledgement of your own children's unique individuality. Conscious Parenting helps you as a parent to have healthy attachment with your child while providing them with structured, loving and healthy boundaries. What I hope to provide in this forum is an alternative to being reliant on just one form of parenting, on following one "expert's" advice, and instead providing you with information, evidence and anecdotes that will allow you to create your own perfect parenting method, custom fit for you and your family.
I look forward to sharing problem solving ideas, new ways of healthy communication with your children and partner, and tips for more ease in your day to day parenting.
In 14 years of professional childcare I have experienced every type of family out there. Each family creates a unique culture unto themselves, that fits for them and only them. There is an infinite number of ways to parent, and to be a family. Knowing this, I encourage you to take what information applies to you and your beliefs and values, and discard the rest. Indeed, I hope you do this with everything in your life. As we honor our individuality, we learn more to honor our children's.
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